Mamacita Boxes

What are Mamacita Boxes?

Mamacita Boxes is a service that creates and curates fun, healthy products for pregnancy and beyond. From pregnancy staples such as heartburn tea, stretch marks cream and more to soothe the expectant mother’s physical needs, we also take care of her emotional needs. We have books that can help mentally prepare the parents on how to handle their new bundle of joy.

What's more, the retail values of our boxes are much higher than what we have curated. With at least 20 percent savings, time to start pampering yourself during this journey too! Self-care is the best gift to yourself!


Trimester Gift Boxes

We’ve got gift boxes that you can get as thoughtful presents to make the struggles of a pregnant mama a little easier. Each trimester box is filled with 5-7 full size items to suit the expectant mother’s developing needs for that specific trimester. These boxes does not only include staples, but will also consists of items that allows our fabulous Mamas to indulge in.

Check out our Trimester Gift Boxes!


Monthly Subscription Boxes

Our subscription can be started at anytime during pregnancy and continue all the way until the baby’s first birthday! Products focuses on pregnancy period and once Mama hits her due date, the subscription transitions to both Mama & Baby products. The subscription is a discovery service tailored to Mama’s due date/baby’s birthday and we include a variety of different products. Anything from pregnancy safe beauty products, pregnancy-specific consumable items to insightful books for every step of this journey…and don’t forget, you’ll be amazed at the fun products you will discover and absolutely love!  Each monthly subscription Mamacita Box contains 4-5 full size products, with a few fun extras sprinkled in. 

All Mamacita Monthly Subscription Box are processed on the 1st of the month and will arrive around the 15th and the 29th of each month, so keep a lookout!