About Us

The birth of each child is a celebration, not just about the child, but also the mum. Oftentimes, when news of a pregnancy breaks, the focus is more on the baby than the mother. At Mamacita, our attention is on the mum-to-be. We want each woman to feel confident, comfortable and most importantly, cared for throughout her pregnancy period.

With that in mind, we’ve lovingly curated care boxes with items targeted at the needs of mums-to-be in every step of her pregnancy journey. We understand that every woman feels differently when she’s pregnant. Our subscription boxes are tailored to the evolving requirements of every mum-to-be as her baby grows and her body changes, addressing her wants, needs or wishes. We want the best of the best, so our items are organic, safe and enriching.

And you don’t need to be expecting to subscribe to our boxes. You could be a doting husband who wants to pamper your expecting wife, or an awesome girlfriend who’d like to make your BFF’s pregnancy period a little better. We’ve got gift boxes that you can get as thoughtful presents to make the struggles of a pregnant mama a little easier.

From the moment a woman discovers she’s pregnant to after she welcomes a baby in her arms, we’ll be right there with her. Let us be the friend every mum-to-be deserves!

❤ mamacita