Frequently Asked Questions

Why Mamacita?

Designed to help moms-to-be feel good and be confident in the special pregnancy journey with themselves and the ones that love them, Mamacita creates and curates care boxes and content that places the focus on the expectant ladies and supports her pregnancy concerns holistically - physically and mentally.

We understand that every woman feels differently when she’s pregnant. Our boxes are tailored to the evolving requirements of every mum-to-be as her baby grows and her body changes, addressing her wants, needs or wishes. We want the best of the best, so our items are organic, safe and enriching.

Mamacita offers trimester and special occasion gift boxes to choose from, and also an online store for individual products. 


What are Mamacita Boxes?

Mamacita Boxes is a service that creates and curates fun, healthy products for pregnancy and beyond. From pregnancy staples such as heartburn tea, stretch marks cream and more to soothe the expectant mother’s physical needs, we also take care of her emotional needs. We have books that can help mentally prepare the parents on how to handle their new bundle of joy.

What's more, the retail values of our boxes are much higher than what we have curated. With at least 20 percent savings, time to start pampering yourself during this journey too! Self-care is the best gift to yourself!


What is in my Milestone Boxes?

We’ve got gift boxes that you can get as thoughtful presents to make the struggles of a pregnant mama a little easier. Each Milestone Box is filled with 5 to 7 full size items to suit the expectant mother’s developing needs for a specific trimester. These boxes do not only include essentials, but also consists of items that allow our fabulous Mamas to indulge in.

Check out our Milestone Boxes!


Can I purchase products in the boxes separately on your site?

Of course! Most of the items we carry in our boxes are available for purchase in our online store, along with many more great products!