Fourth Trimester (postpartum)

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Welcome to your new life! This trimester is really an induction into your new role as a mother. The first month after birth can be a huge adjustment. From being heavily pregnant, you’re now heavily lactating instead. At the same time, you need to look after a tiny human being. Stressful much? Don’t worry, we’ve got just what you need.


  • Earth Mama Stress-free Tea
    Looking after a new-born while maintaining your sanity needs a great deal of balancing. Caffeine- free and made with organic herbs and botanicals like lemon balm, calcium rich oat straw, calming chamomile and more, this tea will calm your frayed nerves.
  • Frankie and Jo Lactation Cookie
    You may feel like a cow now, constantly stressing over milk production. With this lactation cookie that aids in producing more milk and tastes great, it’ll help take some stress off you.
  • Babo Botanicals Wipes
    Baby wipes may just become your best friend. You might find yourself going through up to 30 wipes a day on your baby. With your little one having so much contact with baby wipes, these wipes, infused with soft with hydrating Cucumber and Aloe, are just the thing you need to protect your new-born’s skin. Oh, you can also use this for makeup removal too.
  • Earth Mama Nipple Butter
    With a drinking machine constantly attached to your chest, it’s common for your nipples to feel sore or cracked. The pain of a cracked nipple from a strong suckle can be intense. With this organic buttery nipple cream which is moisturising and safe even when your baby taste it, say goodbye to sore nipples!
  • First Forty Days, The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother 
    Nourishment for new mothers is the most crucial during this period. This recipe book contains all the delicious and nourishing confinement recipes that are both nutritious and taste good.