First Trimester (0-13 weeks)

Adventure Begins

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The first trimester will hit expectant mothers in ways you can’t anticipate, and we’re here to help. Typically in this trimester, the toughest to conquer is morning sickness. We’ve got Preggie Pop Drops that will ease those nausea attacks. And how about some soothing Morning Tea to calm the nerves to tackle the day? And to prepare for your baby’s arrival, we’ve got a diary for you to document every step of your pregnancy journey.


  • The Belly Book
    It’s never too early to get started on the whole pregnancy journey, and with this journal, you can document your experience and make some precious memories.
    • Preggie Pop Drops
      It comes with different flavours, infused with nausea-relieving essential oils so you can say goodbye to morning sickness. 
      • Purelogy Clean Volume Shampoo
        Don't be fooled that this shampoo can only be used on coloured hair! This Sufate-Free and Silicone-free shampoo not only nourishes the hair, but also gives it a light, airy volume, great for those who are experiencing hair loss due to pregnancy. So even if you feel all nauseous inside, you can still shake that mane, girl! 
        • Earth Mama Morning Tea
          We believe in the power of words: therefore, we make stuff for wellness in the morning, not sickness. This ginger-minty blend, with ginger root, chamomile and lemon balm is both comforting and nausea-reducing when every little smell is no bueno and “morning” sickness lasts all day long.
        • Halo Craft Lip Balm
          You may not feel your best, but you can certainly still look good. Cracked lips? This moisturising lip balm will keep your smackers from drying. Made from all natural ingredients and features a 'Sakura' scent that is mild to avoid inducing any nauseousness.  
        • Nodspark Nails- Before your body changes and you start to waddle, take this chance to look good and celebrate your impending motherhood! Treat yourself to these non-scented non-toxic vinyl nail art wraps that look like nail polish to add that pop of colour to beat those nausea blues. Oh, and did I mention that it takes only about 5 minutes to get it done?